Facts of Cold Brew Espresso: Simply Awesome In 2019

If you love your coffee, then it’s time that you started exploring cold coffee. Granted that to some, it may seem unheard of, to drink cold coffee over a hot coffee. But the fact is that cold coffee brews come with an outstanding taste, which makes the best cold brew stand out.

best coffee for cold brew

When it comes to brewing cold coffee, you should know that the process is slightly different from the way you brew regular coffee. Cold coffee is not instant coffee and it certainly cannot be brewed in under 5 minutes.

When it comes to the best cold brew coffee, you would find that it is refreshingly sweet, without any bitter aftertaste. One of the reasons it can be so refreshingly sweet is that its brewing process leaves out the various bitter compounds contained in a coffee bean.

While there are different variations of brewing cold coffee, the basic premise remains the same. You use coarse ground coffee beans, with cold water – let it steep for a day and by then, your best cold brew should be ready.

It should be pointed out that cold coffee contains the same caffeine as hot coffee, so you would need to dilute the brew before you drink it. You can use either milk or water or a mix of both. Or if you prefer to drink your coffee hot, then you can go ahead and heat your cold coffee to optimal temperatures and enjoy the same taste.

What is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is basically coffee that’s brewed with either cold water or water at room temperature. Cold brew coffee is not iced coffee, so let’s get that straight. The coarse coffee grounds are allowed to steep in water, over long periods after which the brew is extracted without any pressure.

It is believed that the cold extraction process is critical to the unique taste the best cold brew coffee comes with. Cold coffee is not a modern invention but one that has been around for centuries.

There are various different types of cold coffees that are available at the moment, from Vietnamese cold coffee to Indian cold coffee. Given this, it is but naturally expected that each coffee drinking nation would have its own version of cold coffee. And these come naturally with a unique cold extraction process.

For example, take the Kyoto style cold coffee – it is brewed by cold extraction process where the brew is collected drop by drop. In fact, several ship traders preferred to carry cold coffee so as to enjoy a cup mid-voyage. And it is expected that the process of cold extraction soon spread to other nations where it soon matured into a unique process that lent a special flavor to the brew.

You can use the best espresso beans to brew the perfect cold coffee but it would be advisable to select the right beans to prep the same. It is widely believed that beans that come with dark roast are preferred when it comes to cold coffee. For the dark roast, lends the new earthly tones with nuttiness sans any bitter after taste.

How to Make Cold Brew

When it comes to making the perfect cold brew, you can choose one from the many cold brew coffee brands that are available. And there are different cold brew preparation methods that you can choose from as well. All the methods are based on the cold extraction process with subtle changes that should help enhance the flavor in the brew.

Basically, you can use any beans to prep cold coffee. You should get an outstanding brew without any bitterness, unlike hot coffee. You would need to purchase the beans you need, roasted to perfection.

Then, you need to take the appropriate amount of beans and grind them to a coarse finish. If you do not have a handheld coffee grinder, then you can always ground your beans at the local shop, using the French press setting.

You can search online for ‘beans and brews near me’, as that should help list out all the local shops and specialty coffee shops in and around your location. Choose the right beans, get it roasted and then, grounded to a coarse finish.

Now, take one ounce of the grounded coffee beans, add 1 cup of water and remember that the coffee grounds must have a coarse finish. This would allow for equitable distribution of water so that the cold extraction process can result in a perfect brew. You can either use a cold coffee machine and auto set it to steep the coffee grounds. Or you can just use an ordinary container.

In case of an ordinary container/ pitcher, you would have to steep it for a day and then pour it through a coffee filter, mesh. This should help prevent the residue from getting into the brew. Now you can dilute your brew with water, milk or both and enjoy a fine cup of cold coffee.

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee comes with amazing health benefits. It’s time to take a closer look at some of these benefits:

Weight loss

Cold coffee comes loaded with caffeine, which should help to boost your metabolism. Your body essentially burns off more calories as it undergoes an enhanced after-burn effect. Drinking cold coffee regularly should help you reduce those extra calories and even slim down in the process.

best coffee for cold brew
Image Credit: Coldbrewlab.com

Boosts cognitive functioning

According to the study carried out by the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, coffee helps to increase the blood flow to one’s brain. Moreover, your cold brew espresso contains bioactive compounds that help to protect your brain.

It helps to prevent degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Moreover, it helps to improve your focus, concentration, and cognitive functioning as well.

Perfect for sensitive stomachs

If you happen to have a sensitive stomach, then you may want to avoid hot brew and stick to cold coffee. The best cold brew coffee comes with less bitterness than your regular hot coffee. Moreover, it is less acidic and is less likely to aggravate your stomach.

So, whether you have a sensitive stomach or happen to suffer, from acid reflux, you may want to stick with cold coffee.

Increases your life span

Granted that there is no conclusive proof to back this up. But a good cup of cold coffee helps to increase your insulin sensitivity; it helps to protect you from the risk of heart disease, diabetes 2, brain degenerative diseases and even strokes.

If that is not enough, it also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body and even stabilizes blood pressure. So, in a way, drinking cold coffee regularly can indeed help increase your life span.


Several studies are underway to study the anti-aging properties of coffee. Cold coffee comes loaded with various compounds including powerful anti-oxidants. This, in turn, can help your body to offset some of the ravages of time.

Moreover, cold coffee contains chlorogenic acid which happens to be a powerful anti-oxidant. And that’s why drinking cold coffee regularly should certainly help you look spry.


Drinking cod coffee can also help enhance your mood. This can help older patients combat several cognitive deficiencies including insomnia.

Does Cold Brew have more Caffeine

When it comes to cold coffee, most users often wonder if it contains more caffeine. The fact is that a typical cold coffee contains 200 mg of caffeine (16 oz). But this amount can vary depending on how you brew your cold coffee. It all boils down to whether you are using the best cold brew coffee beans, the coarse finish, and the extraction process used.

Granted that the cold extraction process used in the various cold extraction methods remains the same. The premise is the same but it can come with subtle differences that can help boost the caffeine level in the drink.

The cold brew is where the coarse grounds are steeped in water, for over 16-18 hours. And then the brew is extracted – this results in a concentrate that’s heavily loaded with caffeine. You would need to dilute the concentrate with water, and that’s it. You should have the best cold brew which you can enjoy at the end of a long day.

So yes, while cold coffee may contain more caffeine, you can always dilute the same, as preference.

How long does it take for coffee to kick-in

If you have just started drinking cold coffee, you are bound to wonder as to how long it takes for coffee to kick in. From the first sip, your body should absorb nearly 99% of the coffee in under 45 minutes. You should soon feel the effects of kick-in.

You may also want to know that the half-life of caffeine is anywhere from 4-6 hrs. But that depends more on the body type, of the drinker. So, the effects of your best brew cold coffee should last you for 4 hours and not more.

How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Now, that you have prepped what’s supposed to be the best cold brew, all that you need to do is to prep some fantastic coffee. The fact is that cold coffee is surprisingly easy to prepare and moreover, you can store your cold brew in the refrigerator to use for the next day.

You do not have to tinker around with expensive coffee machines, nor is the process complicated. Just follow this recipe and you should soon be able to enjoy some outstanding coffee.

  • Take a quart-sized, mason jar; combine the ground coffee beans with water. Do remember that you need one ounce of ground coffee beans for a per cup of water. Stir it, and repeat it after 5 minutes.
  • Put a lid on the jar and refrigerate the same for 12-18 hours. After 18 hrs, remove the lid, and pour the contents through a mesh and fine coffee filter and into a container. Your brew is ready.
  • To make some cold coffee, fill a glass with ice and water, pour the brew and you should be able to enjoy that tantalizing taste of cold coffee. You can store the remaining concentrate in your refrigerator for over two weeks and enjoy a cup of cold coffee daily.
  • If you prefer hot coffee, you can also heat up the cold concentrate to optimal temperatures. You can also dilute your concentrate with milk and cream as well. And if you need your coffee stronger, then you may want to dilute the concentrate less. That should help do the trick. Just remember that heating cold coffee brew is not going to alter the taste or aroma. Your coffee should taste sweet and be less bitter than regular coffee.

Bottom Line

As you can see, cold coffee comes loaded with flavor, taste and a rich aroma as well. There are various types of beans that you can use for your cold coffee preparation. Just know that some of the beans may not be well suited for the cold extraction process.

And, that is why you may want to undertake some research and sort out the best beans to use. One of the most common blends is the Robusta but you can go in for other types as well.

You must make sure that the beans you select are roasted to a dark finish. This should help enhance the flavor profile of the cold coffee brew. Just remember to follow the various suggestions listed here, when you prep your brew.

Brewing cold coffee is simple, easy and the process is not complicated either. You can just add the grounds, water and set it aside for the steeping process. And in a few hours, your brew should be ready and all you need to do is to prep some cold coffee that comes with a tantalizingly rich taste and body.